Earlier this week (July 24), Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested for vandalism. The charge involved a feud with his neighbor and resulted in Scantlin allegedly taking a buzz saw and a sledgehammer to the property, landing him behind bars.

After his arrest, TMZ caught up with the rocker leaving the police station on Wednesday night (see the video above) and it seems that Scantlin feels his actions were justified. When asked what happened, Scantlin simply responded, “My neighbor vandalized my house so I had to take action.” When asked about why he would use a buzz saw, Scantlin said, “It’s called a sledgehammer dog,” before getting into a car and leaving. Watch the video above to see his response.

Scantlin’s neighbor is Russian pop artist Sasha Gradiva, who told The Hollywood Reporter that the trouble with Scantlin has been going on for a few months and it’s not the first time he tried to take things into his own hands. "He gets really creative with his ideas to annoy me," said Gradiva, who feels the bad vibes may have started over her having a better view from her patio than Scantlin. “He put a huge flag on the border of my wall. On my side, it had the name of his band. On the other, it was an American flag. So whoever would look at it from the street would just see an American flag and from my windows, I just see a big flag with 'Puddle of Mudd' written on it."

This latest incident was apparently much more violent though. "I called the police multiple times," Gradiva explained. "Every time, he would run into his house and lock the doors and he wouldn't open them … Police couldn't exactly get him for my call, but yesterday they got him. He literally was jumping from my patio to his roof, and police officers were running around his house to catch him."

Gradiva is currently working on obtaining a restraining order against Scantlin and said if the issues aren't resolved quickly, she may sell her house.

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