Maynard James Keenan is the definition of a workaholic. Puscifer, one of his several musical projects, are working on their new album, with a 2021 release expected.

Keenan first revealed he was working on material for the group back in July, prior to the release of Tool's highly anticipated fifth album Fear Inoculum. Now, Tool are on tour in support of the release, but the frontman was able to take advantage of their dates in California and Arizona to record vocals for Puscifer. A new image of the singer in the studio was posted on the band's Instagram.

For all of Puscifer's release, Keenan has worked with a plethora of different musicians, leaving him as the only permanent member in the group. For the follow up to 2015's Money Shot, he's recruited Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco as the guest vocalist. Bianco posted a photo on her social media that she had started recording her parts as well.

Last year, Keenan was touring with A Perfect Circle behind their fourth studio album, Eat the Elephant. For all those complaining about the length of time it took for the new Tool album, the dude's been pretty busy. Catch him on tour with Tool now — get your tickets here.

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