Maynard James Keenan and his revolving door of creative misfits known as Puscifer have just released a new video for 'Telling Ghosts' off their latest album 'Conditions of My Parole.' The beautiful song is complemented by the video's enigmatic combination of band footage and the various illuminations of the road stretching out over a speeding car.

For those who haven't heard Keenan's work beyond Tool and A Perfect Circle, hardcore fans of the bands will connect instantly with 'Telling Ghosts.' Kennan's voice is the central force of the track, along with British singer/songwriter Carina Round providing incredible harmonies to Keenan's already stunning vocals.

We recently interviewed Keenan about Puscifer and the sound contented within 'Conditions of My Parole.' "Musically, it’s like ‘Twin Peaks’ in the desert," Keenan remarks. "That’s all I’m going to say. I think listeners need to discover the music for themselves without having me tell them what they’ll be listening to. I think that just kind of ruins it."

Keenan also described his tactic of using a long list of guest musicians, including his son Devo, rather than a permanent band. "I’ve outgrown the idea of touring eight months out of the year, so the idea of having people hanging around to go do a five-week tour doesn’t make any sense," explains Keenan. You have to have relationships with a lot of guys just so you can go out when the schedule allows. So its good to have competent players and just make sure the core people are there that are presenting the personality of the band."

'Conditions of My Parole' was released in October of last year and Keenan is currently touring North America with Tool. Puscifer will embark on their own trek in late February. See the full list of dates here.

Watch Puscifer's 'Telling Ghosts' Video (Courtesy of Spin)