There's nothing like a walk through a shallow burial ground in Ireland to provide a little inspiration. Quor's latest single, "Raising the Dead," came to them while on a visit to Ireland, and the lyric video for that song is now exclusively premiering here at Loudwire.

The band tells us, "There was an impact left from the image of the bones laying under the rock patches covering the graves. It made me wonder what those old bones might want to say to us from the grave. How would they view their own actions in life differently now? How would they advise the living to live?"

As for the clip, the video concept was brought to life in collaboration with Ukranian VJ and digital artist Svitlana Reinish. "We believed she was the perfect choice to bring an amazing artistic style to the lyric video for 'Raising the Dead.' The end result is a video that pulls away from the normal animation, artistic, and conceptual constrains of lyric videos," says the band. Of the concept, they add, "What would the dead teach us now if they had the chance to freely communicate from the grave? The dancing bones symbolize the goal to live well. There is an underlying concept of the ancestors teaching us as children, the future of our kind, to make more meaningful choices in our short time. The hope that we might learn much faster what's really important."

"Raising the Dead" is featured on Quor's The Way We Are recently released EP. Bassist Doug Smith reveals of the new disc, "The Way We Are was recorded at a studio that we've never been to, with a mixing engineer and producer we've never worked with. In a timeframe we've never produced a record in putting us in about the most uncomfortable recording situation possible; right where we like it. Uncomfortable as fuck. If you listen to the The Way We Are from front to back and still think it isn't a great record and shouldn't be played by every industry person out there, then maybe we should quit and so should you, because you don't know what great heavy songs are even if they hit you in the face."

The Way We Are is currently available via iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay and can be streamed via Spotify. The band is currently off the road, but you can stay up to date with newly announced shows and all of their happenings via their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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