Your favorite band of demented chickens fronted by a punk rock carrot made its way to network television recently. Radioactive Chicken Heads performed on The Gong Show, getting gonged off the stage almost immediately while performing a cover of “Surfin’ Bird.”

The Gong Show was an institution of American TV back in the late ‘70s, pioneering the elimination talent show format long before American Idol or The X Factor hit television screens. ABC revived the The Gong Show earlier this year, bringing Will Arnett, Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black in as judges for this particular episode. The concept is simple… if one of the judges hates what they see onstage, they can bang the gong behind them and immediately stop the performance.

Radioactive Chicken Heads actually appeared on The Extreme Gong Show in 1998, back when they were known as Joe and the Chicken Heads. Two decades later, the band returned to jam a rendition of the Trashmen’s surf rock anthem, which has been famously covered by the Ramones, Sodom and the Cramps in the past.

It took less than 30 seconds for Jack Black to head for the gong after hearing Radioactive Chicken Heads. Will Arnett managed to slow him down a little, seemingly fascinated with the spectacle on the Gong Show stage. You’d think Jack Black would be kinder to a comedic act… ya know… since he’s in Tenacious D, but he was adamant to get Radioactive Chicken Heads to stop playing. Vocalist Carrot Topp didn’t take rejection well, falling to the ground and throwing an tantrum.

Watch Radioactive Chicken Heads invade The Gong Show in the clip above!

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