Remember the name RadioBlack! You may be hearing it quite frequently in the months to come, and Loudwire is teaming up with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new song "Thread (I Am)."

The band consists of singer-guitarist TJ Courtney, former Smile Empty Soul drummer Derek Gledhill and bassist Hayato Takano, but their forthcoming album includes session work from the likes of Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins, metal bass great Rudy Sarzo, Jane's Addictions' Chris Chaney and My Ruin's Mick Murphy.

As you can hear, "Thread (I Am)" is a catchy rocker that feels like it would be a perfect fit at rock radio anytime from the '90s up to present day. Courtney tells us, "This is the first song we wrote together as a band without any guest appearances from outside players like Taylor Hawkins, Chris Chaney, etc. But I always consider Derek (Gledhill) to be a guest star on any track because I was such a big fan of Smile Empty Soul."

As for the inspiration behind the song, Courtney adds, "'Thread' is about that friend you have that gets themselves in a rut and can't break out of it... no matter how much you try to help them. It's about that inner struggle to want to help those people but make sure you come out unscathed yourself."

In addition to the aforementioned guests, RadioBlack put together their self-titled effort at Studio 606 with producer John "Lou" Lousteau, with production assistance from Fireball Ministry's Jim Rota and Blind Melon's Brad Smith.

If you like what you heard from "Thread (I Am)," that's just the beginning of more hard rock goodness to come. The band's self-titled debut is due May 12 and you can pre-order the disc via the band's website. Stay up to date on all things RadioBlack via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

RadioBlack, "Thread (I Am)"

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