The members of Rammstein will be auctioning off some of their gold and platinum album awards in an effort to benefit multiple charities.

Proceeds from the auctions, which finds the band releasing each item one at a time rather than all at once, will aid causes on a local and global scale, ranging from housing for children and those in need, rainforest conservation and workers in dozens of career paths that were all severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Rammstein are now auctioning carefully selected gold and platinum awards from the band for a good cause. Sorted by albums, the trophies will be released for auction in the coming months. Each time different organizations will benefit from the distribution of the donations," said the band in a statement.

Guitarist Paul Landers is the first to put one of his awards up for auction, offering fans a chance to secure the platinum award for the 1995 debut, Herzeleid, which is described by Rammstein as "one of the first awards in the band's history."

Under the 'Aid Organizations' tab on the Rammstein charity website, the following four organizations are listed:

    • The Albert Schweitzer Children's Village — Works to provide homes to children who are unable to grow up with their birth family
    • #AlarmstufeRot — Coalition of "artists, engineers, booth builders, stage designers, creatives, altruists, idealists and people in 150 different lines of work" economically impacted by the pandemic trying to make a collective needs recognized by government while providing "fast and unbureaucratic" aid
    • The Amazon Conservation Team — Works with indigenous and local communities in Brazil, Columbia and Suriname to strengthen traditional cultures and protect the Amazon rainforest
    • Berliner Stadtmission — Focused on promoting local goodwill, offering goods, services and resources to the homeless and those living in poverty

To learn more about the auction and to bid on any available item(s) yourself, head here.

Meanwhile, Rammstein are currently sitting on a new album that was recorded during the pandemic. Whenever it is released, it should offer the band's members an opportunity to restock their personal collection of gold and platinum awards.

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