Nevermind "Amerika," German industrial powerhouse Rammstein are turning to Paris, France as the focal point of their new concert film, fittingly and succinctly titled Paris. The release will be made available on both DVD and Blu-Ray and a brief, but telling trailer can be viewed above for a sneak peak at the action — and we do mean action!

The teaser (via Rammstein's Facebook) opens up with some light (by contextual standards) pyrotechnics and shots of the band moving in time with the mechanized rhythms, but it gets strange quickly when treadmills and more explosions enter the picture. Rammstein are renowned for their over the top and truly unmatched live performances, often featuring dangerous acts surrounding fire and a close proximity to the face.

After a bit of some crude mock sex acts, we're treated to a shot of frontman Till Lindemann with a flamethrower affixed to, yes, his face. The video goes on to reveal more explosions, chained, leather-clad men crawling around on a platform above the stage and more. While the track listing has not been announced, Rammstein's setlist from the show can be viewed below (via

The performance was taken from Rammstein's March 2012 concert at Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy on the 'Made in Germany' tour. Jonas Akerlund manned the project. He is best known for directing videos for Satyricon, Blink-182, Lady Gaga, Madonna and more. Akerlund was also the drummer for Bathory for a brief period of time, performing on two songs that were part of the Scandinavian Metal Attack split release.

Last year, Rammstein unveiled a new song, "Ramm 4," at the Gods of Metal Festival, giving credence to the notion that the band was planning a return to the studio for their first album since 2009. They'll return to the U.S. for another exclusive performance, hitting Jones Beach in New York for their lone stateside 2017 concert.

Rammstein Setlist: March 7, 2012

"Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?"
"Keine Lust"
"Asche zu Asche"
"Feuer frei!"
"Mein Teil"
"Du riechst so gut"
"Links 2-3-4"
"Du hast"
"Bück dich"
"Mann gegen Mann"
"Ohne dich"

"Mein Herz brennt"
"Ich will"

Encore 2:

Encore 3:
"Frühling in Paris"

*the Paris film track listing has yet to be revealed

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