Budapest residents living near the construction of the brand new Puksas Arena were not happy after Rammstein's "Deutschland" was accidentally left blasting at the site throughout the night earlier this week.

We at Loudwire aren't really sure what the problem is — blasting "Deutschland" on repeat at all hours of the day seems pretty standard to us, but maybe the locals in Budapest don't find German industrial music as comforting as we do.

Their complaints were heard and the arena issued a formal apology for the incident, vowing it would be the last time a mistake like this happens.

"There was an unpleasant noise from Monday to Tuesday which was caused by a technical error, according to the contractor. Necessary steps have been taken to ensure that such a case does not happen again," the Facebook statement began.

"We are sure that the world-class arena, which will be ready by mid-November, and the new green land around it will make it up to the residents," the statement continued. "We apologize to the residents of the surrounding streets for the inconvenience caused."

"Deutschland" was the first single off Rammstein's long-awaited self-titled new record, supported by a stunning high-budget music video that put Germany's dark past on display. The album reached No. 1 in 14 different countries upon its release. While it didn't top the Billboard 200 in America, it did ascend to No. 9, marking the first time Rammstein have cracked the Top 10 stateside.

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