It was revealed earlier this year that Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann had formed a project with Hypocrisy's Peter Tagtgren called Lindemann. The outfit has unveiled a snippet from their debut release that's slated to come out in May. Check out the teaser audio above.

While it's only 40 seconds long, the clip reveals a highly orchestrated work of music. The clip ends before any vocals kick in.

Meanwhile, Lindemann's Rammstein bandmate just released the new album Silent So Long with his other band . In an interview with Digital Spy, Kruspe says when it comes to Rammstein, a new album is not currently in the works.

"We had a little gathering a couple months ago, just to see where everyone is at," Kruspe says. "It was interesting because I was afraid they'd want to do a record, as I'm not ready for that! But everyone was really cool and it was the first time I'd played them some stuff from Emigrate, as they asked me to. It was really cool and we decided to give it another year and get together next September, and see where everyone is. But for now, we're all doing our own thing. I think Till's doing a solo record, Flake (keyboardist) is writing a book at the moment."

Kruspe continues, "I don't know what the other guys are doing. Even though I could use it right now, financially, Rammstein is what it is and it's so much stronger than every individual in it. Somehow, I had to give up and leave it as it is. It always had its own rhythm and we never produced one-year records, ever. We always took our time and Rammstein is the only band that could headline a festival without putting any records out. It's a great situation to be in because there's no pressure. That's what I like; I don't like to be forced. I used to live in f--king East Germany, I got forced all the time."

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