German metal mavens Rammstein are set to release the DVD / Blu-ray compilation of all their music videos, which is set to hit the shelves on Jan. 15 in the U.S. Along with the classic clips housed within Rammstein's 'Videos 1995-2012,' the release will consist of not one, but two new alternate videos for 'Mein Herz Brennt,' one of which is available to view right now.

'Mein Herz Brennt' was first released on Rammstein's 2001 album, 'Mutter.' Eleven years later, a new piano version of the song now has its own music video. A future video for yet another alternate version of 'Merin Herz Brennt' is expected to be unleashed to the public sometime before Dec. 18.

Fans of Rammstein's visual offerings will find yet another odd, yet captivating video for the piano version of 'Mein Herz Brennt,' which depicts singer Till Lindemann bloodied, sliced up and wandering within a mysterious room. It may not be as provocative as when Rammstein created full-on porn for the 2009 song 'Pussy,' but it's strange enough for fans to sing the band's praises.

Before Rammstein unveil the 'Videos 1995-2012' compilation, the band will release a six-track EP for 'Mein Herz Brennt' on Dec. 11, which will also contain the unreleased track, 'Gib Mir Deine Augen.'

Stay tuned for the next 'Mein Herz Brennt' video, but for now, treat yourself to the video for the song's piano version.

Rammstein, 'Mein Herz Brennt' (Piano Version)