According to Czech police spokeswoman Jana Rosselerova, a court will rule on Saturday whether or not police will keep Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe in custody on suspicion of manslaughter charges stemming from an alleged connection between him and a fan who passed away from a head injury sustained at a LOG show in 2010.

Rosselrova stated to the Associated Press that Blythe was, in fact, arrested on Wednesday, June 27, although the news didn't break until yesterday (June 28). Since then, there has been a media firestorm about Blythe and his role, or lack thereof, in the death of the Czech fan.

Earlier today, Lamb of God's publicist released a statement insisting that no fight took place at the 2010 concert. "This incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance," the statement read. "It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head."

Keep checking back for more updates on Randy Blythe and the upcoming decision from the Czech court. In the meantime, read how fellow rockers such as Slash, Sebastian Bach, David Draiman and other have reacted to Blythe's arrest by clicking below: