The lines between rap and rock continue to blur, with rapper Lil Pump being the latest to try his hand in the rock world, but with his own spin put on it of course.

In fact, according to Rap Current, Lil Pump is dubbing what he's doing as a new genre known as "Pump Rock." Teasing a bit of what's to come, Pump posted video of himself rocking along to a playback of his music, belting some high energy barks for the viewing audience. Check it out below.

Back in February, Lil Pump teased that he was retiring from music, but quickly took it back. Two days after the surprise announcement, he returned to social media dancing and rapping along to the Latin crossover track, "Contacto." "Yall thought I quit, bitch I'm back," Pump stated, teasing a performance of the song.

While it may come as a bit of a surprise that Lil Pump is expanding his horizons, we shouldn't be too shocked. He did recently make the list of XXL's Most Insane Hip-Hop Mosh Pits and has been taking part in the trend of facial tattoos. He even recently shaved his eyebrows. How punk!

With his Harverd Dropout sophomore set now over a year old, it appears that Lil Pump is starting to get the itch for more new music. As most of the music world is self-isolating, Lil Pump has plenty of time to explore his rock roots. Stay tuned to see what comes of it.

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