The gentleman of RED brought some heavy southern hospitality to New York last night (Oct. 17) at Gramercy Theater. The rest of the lineup included Brian ‘Head’ Welch, Icon for Hire and Echoes the Fall.

RED put on an illuminating show, literally. Not only was their stage presence impressive but the stage itself was a sight to see, filled with various lights, many of them red lights to be exact. The band had the crowd moving as they performed an hour and a half set.

Frontman Michael Barnes sang with intensity and fans joined him in belting out favorites such as ‘Feed the Machine,’ ‘Breathe Into Me’ and new tracks such as ‘Not Alone’ and ‘Lie To Me (Denial)’ from their recently released third studio album ‘Until We Have Faces.’

To say the least about Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s set is that he could give his former bandmate, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, a run for his money. Welch’s vigor onstage was contagious, to the point where some fans thought his band was the headliner.

One of the highlights of the night was Welch performing a medley of Korn songs in his set. Welch told fans that he is proud of the music he made with Korn and that he cares a lot for his “brothers” in Korn. Welch and his band also performed original tracks such as ‘Rebel,’ ‘Save Me From Myself’ and their new single ‘Paralyzed’ among many others.

Icon for Hire, a female fronted band from Illinois tore up the stage and got fans rowdy. The drum solo by stickman Adam Kronshagen was impressive and his energy was evident throughout the set. It would be no surprise if Kronshagen graced the cover of various drum magazines in the future.

Echoes the Fall made up of a group of guys from Phoenix Arizona started off the night with a notable, yet very short set, that gained them some new east coast fans. All of these bands are on the road together until Oct. 26, where the tour wraps up in Atlanta.

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