Leave it to Red Fang to come up with one of the more interesting videos of the year. The band has teamed with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new animated clip for their song 'Crows in Swine' off the 'Whales and Leeches' album.

The clip follows the journey of a young girl who escapes with an idol from her village shortly before intruders raid the place with destruction on their mind. With the bad guys hot on her trail, she heads to the hills where she finds the Red Fang gods ready to come to life and defend her village.

The video was conceived by accomplished animator Adam Avilla, while the band members devised their own superpowers.

Check out the video above, then read our chat about the video with Red Fang guitarist-vocalist Bryan Giles below.

Bryan, congrats on the video for 'Crows in Swine.' It's visually cool and entertaining, has a good sense of humor and plenty of action to it. First of all, can you talk about how much input you had into the video and your thoughts on what the video turned out to be?

Thanks!  I really like the video too. Initially our superpowers were going to derive from beer, but we're trying to steer away from that angle; I like beer, but I also like TV!

How much fun was it to see the renderings of the Red Fang gods and who do you think had the best super power weapon? Personally, I was leaning toward the kielbasa links until the demonic kittens showed up.

Of course my super power is the best. Decapitating villains with a barcalounger?! I wish I was that cool in real life.

The video itself seems to fit the song well as the track has a driving almost tribal war-like vibe to it. Can you tell us about the song 'Crows in Swine,' how it came together and what it was like the first time hearing the song playing back as a completed track?

I believe the riff in the verses was an Aaron [Beam] creation. It was really fun to play and made for an easy piece to write a song around. We knew we wanted to have some atmosphere on the outro. Luckily, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. visited the studio while we were mixing that track and put a slew of creepy keyboard tracks on it which really gave the song an epic feel.

Red Fang have done quite a bit of promotion for the 'Whales and Leeches' album and I see there are dates leading right up to Christmas. What does 2015 hold in store for Red Fang?

We are playing a festival in Washington state this coming January, but other than that we plan on hunkering down and writing songs for our next album until April when a short Euro tour surrounding a headlining Desertfest slot will start another year of hitting the road. Rubber-side down!

Our thanks to Red Fang's Bryan Giles for the interview. Red Fang's 'Whales and Leeches' album is available at Amazon and iTunes. And be sure to catch Red Fang at these locations.

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