Why wouldn't Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis think of himself as a musician?

A voice is undoubtedly an instrument, and Kiedis has a significant and unmistakable one.

Still, Kiedis not considering himself a musician is a topic that came up when the vocalist appeared on the latest episode of This Little Light, the podcast hosted by his Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmate and bassist Flea, according to Classic Rock.

Indeed, Flea has started interviewing some of his fellow Chili Peppers on This Little Light, beginning with guitarist John Frusciante on June 22. With Kiedis on June 29, things got emotional when the two discussed the singer's role in the rock band, as Flea explained ahead of the airing.

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Asked by the Los Angeles Times about his favorite interviews, Flea responds, "A really good one was with Anthony. We were both kind of in tears because I'd never talked to him about stuff like that. Anthony doesn't really consider himself a musician or that he's had any music education whatsoever."

Flea continues, "He used to say we should change the band's name to Idiot and the Three Geniuses. And people would be down on him, you know? [Pearl Jam's] Eddie Vedder's up there like fucking Pavarotti, but the resonance is different with Anthony."

Is Anthony Kiedis a Musician?

Understandably, Flea doesn't agree with Kiedis. "I think he's a great singer," Flea adds to the LA Times. "He's always learning and getting better. When we started the band, he couldn't sing a note — he just yelled. Now he's got melodies, and he doesn't even stick to them. He flows around and improvises."

Flea says he "know[s] who the great singers are — Kurt CobainJim MorrisonRoger Daltrey. But for me, all I care about with any musician is that a person sounds like themselves. And nobody sounds like Anthony Kiedis."

Listen to the episode with Kiedis below. Last year, Chili Peppers released two albums, Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen. They are touring now. See dates under the episode.

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Anthony Kiedis Appears on Flea's This Little Light - June 29, 2023

Anthony Kiedis’ music education and evolution, from 1. Experimenting with his earliest form of special expression via dance → 2. Meeting Flea in high school and starting his musical journey → 3. Embracing his role as a singer → 4. The RHCP very first show, where they played a single song → 5. Navigating relationships with different producers → 6. Being influenced by Nina Hagen → 7. Meeting John Frusciante and building their creative partnership.

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July 14 – Vienna, Austria @ Happel Stad.
July 17 – Carhaix, France @ Lex Vielles Charrues
July 21 – London, England @ Hotspur Stad.
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Aug. 6 – Chicago, Ill. @ Lollapalooza
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