Revocation frontman Dave Davidson joins Loudwire’s Gear Factor to play his favorite riffs. The tech death master traverses genres from hard rock to classic metal before getting into Revocation’s own riffs.

“As I started getting into more technical styles of guitar playing, of course I started getting into heavier bands,” Davidson shares. “Megadeth was one of them. I think Rust in Peace is one of the best thrash metal records of all time. I remember learning the intro riff to “Lucretia” and that was really inspiring for me because they were using major arpeggios, which I wasn’t hearing too much in thrash metal.”

Davidson also pays tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and the godfathers of death metal — Death. “When I found Death it was just all over… they were super influential to me. We actually went as Death for Halloween one year and played a song off of every record.” Davidson goes on to play a section from “Pull the Plug.”

After going through some of Revocation’s catalogue, Davidson gets to the newest Revo record, Netherheaven. He plays the bridge section of “Diabolical Majesty” before getting into the tremolo-picked intro riff from “Re-Crucified.” Finally, he demonstrates the super dissonant track “The Intervening Abyss of Untold Aeons.”

Check out Dave Davidson’s episode of Gear Factor below and click here to grab a copy of Revocation’s Netherheaven.

Revocation's Dave Davidson Plays His Favorite Riffs

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