In the aftermath of Pantera, we've seen bassist Rex Brown take on multiple projects, but the musician revealed earlier this year that he was working on his first solo album. Thanks to a new social media update, we can now confirm that Brown has completed recording on that disc.

The bassist posted a photo from the studio revealing the news and teasing, "Stay tuned 2017!! The Rex Brown Band." See his posting below:

At this point it is not known who will be joining Brown in his band. Earlier this year, Brown revealed his plans to do a solo record, saying that he was inspired after a trip to Nashville and working with musicians there. “I’m enjoying playing music again – and that took a while,” he said, going on to comment on the sound of this album, “It’s a rock ‘n’ roll record. It’s not your standard fare or typical metal thing.”

Describing his love for Led Zeppelin, he admitted the music will have “little fringes of it” but added, “It’s a new journey that sounds like anywhere from Foghat to old Tom Waits. I’m a child of the ’70s and I love those kind of songs."

Brown's biggest output in his post Pantera came as a member of Down. He's also worked with Crowbar, David Allan Coe and the Cowboys From Hell and Kill Devil Hill. Stay tuned for the first release from the Rex Brown Band in 2017.

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