He's going solo! Pantera and Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown has just revealed plans for another musical venture, teaming up with musicians in Nashville, Tenn. The veteran noted the album will lean heavily on the rock side rather than metal.

Explaining how he decided to enjoy some down time, Brown told Metal Hammer he had "reached a point where I wanted to take some time off, watch my kids grow, be at home and just find out what the next journey is." The journey took him to Nashville, meeting up with a friend who "sits in his bedroom and writes incredible stuff." After finding a tape with roughly 80 riffs, the song idea starting coming together, leading Brown to travel "back and forth" from his Texas home to the Tennessee state capital "from maybe last September."

“I’m enjoying playing music again – and that took a while," he said, going on to comment on the sound of this album, “It’s a rock 'n' roll record. It’s not your standard fare or typical metal thing." Describing his love for Led Zeppelin, he admitted the music will have "little fringes of it" but "it’s a new journey that sounds like anywhere from Foghat to old Tom Waits. I’m a child of the '70s and I love those kind of songs."

Stating he wants to shed the tag of "just that bass player from Pantera" Brown added this is one of many things in life he wants to do and that there is roughly two to three albums of material already at his disposal. “I’m doing a solo record, I’m f--king singing on it and you’re gonna dig it!"

Brown last released an album with Kill Devil Hill, which featured legendary drummer Vinny Appice at the time. Revolution Rise arrived in 2013, two years after their eponymous debut record. The bassist also wrote the foreword on the authorized photo book, A Vulgar Display of Pantera, which will be out Sept. 13.

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