When will we see new Guns N' Roses music? It's starting to look like 2016 is the answer to that question as the band's members remain off pursuing their various other projects. But during a recent interview for his other project the Dead Daisies, Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus revealed that the group is eyeing 2016 for a return.

"We're gonna be doing stuff next year," says Fortus, when asked by Stormbringer magazine in the video above about a follow-up to Chinese Democracy. He added, "We're not gonna have anything out this year. Yeah, next year, next year it should be out and we'll be touring."

Back in February, fellow Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba suggested that talks were taking place about the band's next step. "We were talking about doing another huge tour," said Ashba. "Our main focus right now is putting together the next Guns record. We've got tons of material -- it's just a matter of sitting down and sifting through all the pieces. It looks like we're going to be doing a lot more touring."

Guns N' Roses have done plenty of touring since Chinese Democracy was released. They've been quiet of late, having played their last major trek in the early part of 2014. But as Ashba and Fortus have alluded to, a Guns N' Roses return appears to be coming sooner than later.

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