One of the more bizarre stories to come from the Frances Bean Cobain-Isaiah Silva split was an alleged kidnapping incident, which is now at the center of a lawsuit. In the suit, Silva claims to have been attacked by Courtney Love's manager Sam Lufti and some accomplices. One of those accomplices has been identified as Riverdale actor Ross Butler, but Butler has denied the allegations that he was part of any alleged conspiracy.

According to Spin, the actor says that he did visit Silva's house with Lufti on the night in question, June 2, 2016. However, he disputes the additional details of Silva's lawsuit. In a recent court filing, the actor declared that on June 2, 2016, Lufti picked him up in a car driven by Yan Yukhtman, one of the other defendants in the suit, and that Lufti told Butler that he was concerned about Frances and her husband Isaiah Silva after receiving "troubling text messages."

He adds that when they arrived at the house, blankets and sheets were covering the home's windows and nobody responded to knocks at the door, but there were sounds coming from upstairs. Butler says he returned to the street, while Lufti went to investigate further, with an alarm in the house eventually sounding.

The actor says that later, the front door opened and he was "greeted calmly and amicably" by Silva. Butler says that while he was there, Lufti and Silva spoke in the kitchen while a man identified as "Mr. Munsey" left the house. Lufti, Silva and Butler had planned to leave to get food and intended to return to finish the conversation, but before they left, "Mr. Munsey" returned to the home in a vehicle blocking them and said that he had called the police. According to Butler, officers arrived at the home, questioned everyone involved and left. After the police left the scene, Butler says he left as well.

Silva has claimed that Lufti and his associates were involved in a conspiracy to reclaim a guitar that Kurt Cobain played on Nirvana's episode of MTV Unplugged (Frances Bean and Silva have been fighting over the ownership of the instrument; Silva eventually was awarded the instrument during the divorce settlement). Silva claims that on the night in question, his assailants beat and assaulted him, and stole his phone before they attempted to drag him to a vehicle. Silva claimed that, had it not been for a friend who blocked the car and called the police, his assailants would've taken him to a secondary scene and murdered him, making it look like a suicide. You can read more from the suit here.

Butler has denied being involved in any wrongdoing, claiming he did not break into the house, attempt to murder the Silva, hack his phone or any of the other allegations made in Silva's suit. He has asked that all claims against him be dismissed. The next hearing is set for Dec. 7.

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