Toss out your high-top sneakers and thrash hats and put on your flip-flops and flower headband because YouTube phenom Rob Scallon has put a tropical spin on Metallica's classic song "Blackened."

Scallon once again entertains with an oddball twist on another beloved metal anthem. Proving himself to be quite the master of the strings, having played banjos and even a shovel before, he busts out the ever-popular ukulele and gives it a thrashing! The delicate strings don't provide the same sustain and power that James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett bring, making for a cheeky version of the ...And Justice for All favorite.

The moment of metal redemption comes during the solo. Despite still being played on a ukulele, it gets the proper boost when plugged in and finally we get some much-needed distortion. Scallon, as always, gives an animated performance as the video splices in clips of the guitarist sitting and playing with others of him standing up and rocking out.

Scallon will be releasing a Metallica cover every week to celebrate "May-tallica." Last week, he kicked off the month with a banjo cover of "Master of Puppets," which included a surprise keytar solo.

It has been a huge year for Metallica already as they've served as Record Store Day 2016 ambassadors, performed "The Night Before" pre-Super Bowl concert in San Francisco, Calif., have released remastered editions of Kill 'Em All (deluxe set unboxing video here) and Ride the Lightning and recently took part in the San Francisco Giants' fourth annual "Metallica Night." The year only looks to get bigger with a new album in the works and a possible 2016 release in sight. Lars Ulrich has stated the long-anticipated album is "mostly done."

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