Put your combat boots and denim jackets away and swap them out for your favorite cowboy boots (spurs optional) and a flannel jacket because the ever-creative Rob Scallon has laid down a banjo cover of Metallica's all-time metal classic "Master of Puppets!"

This thrash gone barnyard version of the Metallica hit will empty out mosh pits in favor of line-dancing from the first note. The opening riff off "Master of Puppets" is indisputably one of the heaviest riffs in the metal canon, but its power is sapped as the folk instrument's twang prevails. Perhaps the heaviest part of this unique cover is the programmed drums which still stay true to metal, so fans looking forward to swaying to a different beat will have to look elsewhere.

Following the gentle mid-section and subsequent chugs, the most surprising moment of the video comes crashing through the door — literally. Bursting from the entrance of the mobile home sitting in the background, a man in shiny white tights, green button-down shirt and sunglasses interrupts the scene and plays a stunning keytar solo. Scallon's face is one of confusion as the keytarist prances around the floor, leaping wildly into the air, sending kicks in every direction.

We'd welcome a country bumpkin spin on the lyrics as well, like "Master of puppets / he's bailing your hay," but maybe that's just nit-picking. The video itself is another fine addition to Scallon's ever-growing list of ridiculous albeit fun and talented videos, showcasing the lighter side of the heavy metal community.

Stick around for more of Rob Scallon's "May-tallica" madness via his YouTube channel.

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