In everything they do -- whether it's movies, music, books, anniversaries or even Record Store Day -- Metallica always fully commit to the project. Moreover, they do what they want to do, and they do it all for their fans. Such is the case with their latest endeavors, massive reissues of their first two albums, Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning. Lucky for us, we managed to get our hands on both of them ... and trust us when we say they are must-haves for any Metallica fan.

Kill 'Em All first hit the streets in July 1983, and in the 30-plus years since it was released, it's been heralded as a thrash masterpiece and used as a blueprint for countless bands. So it makes sense that when an album of this stature gets reissued, it gets reissued to the max. Metallica pulled out all the stops with the deluxe box set of Kill 'Em All, and you can dive into it in our unboxing video above and the photo gallery below.

Fans may be a bit shocked when they see the $149.99 sticker price, but don't worry: this set is far from overpriced. When you unpack all of its contents, you'll see it's worth every dime. The original album is of course the centerpiece of the set, including remastered vinyl, CD and digital editions. Beyond that, the set is full of goodies that you've never seen or heard before; a 72-page hardcover book packed with stories from people who lived and breathed the life of Metallica in the early '80s; a gorgeous picture disc of the album's second single, "Jump In the Fire"; two previously unreleased live shows on CD and one issued as a double-LP; exclusive rough mixes and demos from Lars Ulrich's vault; a CD with a never-before-heard interview and radio IDs from the boys (including Cliff Burton) from 1984; and of course, a retro 'Tallica patch!

Kill 'Em All will forever stand as a metal classic, serving as a glimpse at the early days of the biggest rock band in the world. More than 30 years later, we're still spinning it every chance we get, and there's no better way to hear and consume the album than with this massive deluxe box set.

Check out our video unboxing of Metallica's Kill 'Em All deluxe box set above. You can grab details and order the set at Metallica's official website.

Metallica - Kill 'Em All Deluxe Box Set Photo Gallery

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