Somehow, some way Rob Scallon continues to come up with the quirkiest metal videos and he's struck gold once again! We've all heard the guitar referred to as a weapon or an axe, but how about a shovel? Theoretically, Scallon is using a tool that can dig a grave to play guitar and there's really nothing more metal than that. Oh, but he doesn't just simply play the shovel, he wrote a song!

Using just one string to write a song might sound challenging, but Scallon has been tasked with using one fret and one note before, so it was clearly within the YouTube favorite's realm. Featuring just one bass string, the shovel has an active EMG pickup along with volume and tone knobs and is a fully functioning piece of equipment.

The video (seen above) opens with a funny skit where Scallon is asked to grab a shovel and help out his presumed girlfriend in the garden. Looking at the options in front of him, he turns to the third shovel, which is the featured instrument. The song kicks in and Scallon doesn't get much gardening done. The only seeds that get planted are the seeds for crazy new ideas as he chugs along the one string, riding groove after groove on the fretless shovel.

Each time he has to create a song from some odd idea, Scallon not only crafts a skeleton of a song, but one that is engaging and somehow catchy. At the end of the video, Scallon explains how the shovel is a functioning instrument and that it was made by Bob from the YouTube channel I Like to Make Stuff. The video detailing the shovel guitar build will be released on March 3 on Bob's channel.

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