Rob Zombie’s latest film, ‘The Lords of Salem,’ started shooting on Oct. 17 and is set to come out sometime in 2012. For fans that can't wait that long, Zombie recently gave the world a first look at one of his main characters.

‘The Lords of Salem’ is a horror flick based in the town Salem, Mass., infamous for its witch population. The spooky premise focuses on a radio DJ unlocking a coven of witches by playing a cursed record. The witches were among the many imprisoned during the historical Salem Witch Trials. Of course, all of this will be set to the unique horror style of Rob Zombie, so fans have been anxiously waiting to see any details from the set.

Zombie recently posted a pixilated photo of actor Sid Haig in costume as his role of Dean Magnus, one half of the witch hunting duo in the movie. While it doesn't reveal too much, it definitely conveys that creepy feeling that Zombie is so great at capturing.

Fans chimed in on the photo with their support and feedback with everything from, “Can’t wait for the flick to come out!” to “He Looks like Chuck Norris.”

Check out the photo below for yourself and let us know what you think?

First look of Sid Haig in Costume for 'The Lords of Salem'
Sid Haig