Rob Zombie has some fans on the set of the long-running television game show Jeopardy. In fact, as the singer pointed out in a new social media post, this week marked the third time that he's been the topic of a Jeopardy question during the show's run.

In an episode airing Friday (Feb. 8), host Alex Trebek read off the $2000 question, "In a Rob Zombie song, this 'needs women,' and apparently, they need to be 'angry red women.'" As many Jeopardy fans know, the $2000 question is supposed to be the most difficult in a category, but if you're a Rob Zombie fan, it's likely a breeze. It looks like the contestant Bif knew his Zombie music, correctly answering "Mars."

As Zombie stated, this wasn't a first for him with Jeopardy. His film work was also mentioned in a Jeopardy question just last year. The third Zombie question asked related to the name of his pre-solo band, White Zombie.

These days, both Rob's music and film work are keeping him busy. He's been wrapping up his 3 From Hell film, which follows characters from House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Meanwhile, guitarist John 5 recently told the Talk Toomey podcast that Zombie's next studio album is "the best Zombie record to date," calling it "heavy and awesome and hooky and musical and badass."

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