Director Rob Zombie is giving way to rocker Rob Zombie at the moment, but the talented multitasker took a few moments to update fans on the status of his upcoming film.

'The Lords of Salem' thriller is tentatively expected later this year, and while Zombie has been shooting for a good portion of the spring, he reveals in a new update: "For those of you wondering if 'The Lords of Salem' is finished, the answer is no. I had to take a break due to the Megadeth tour and a few other things. I will be returning to work on the film in July to finish it up." Zombie recently wrapped a U.S. trek with Megadeth.

However, the director decided to whet fans' appetites for the new film by offering up a four-photo slideshow taken from shots of the new movie. In the slideshow seen below, we see a grizzled looking Margaret Morgan in a hallway wearing an oversized fur coat. Another slide is the inside of a mostly abandoned apartment where the one glowing feature is a neon red cross that lights the vacant room. There's also a photo of a gathering in a field near a bonfire where it looks as though a ceremony is about to begin. And finally, Zombie offers a location still of a creepy looking older house that sits on a street corner in Salem.

While Zombie is taking a break from his movie for the time being, that's not necessarily a bad thing for his music career. The rocker recently stated in an interview with Loudwire, "I think we've gone through a long phase of the band that's made the record is not the band that's gone on tour, which is always a drag. But this is also the first time we've gone on tour leading into making a record. Usually what happens, for us and a lot of bands, is you tour, you take a long extended break and then you make a record, which usually means you make a record when you're at your rustiest."

Zombie says that's not the case this time around, and there's something about the vibe right now that feels like this could be one of his best albums in years. Stay tuned as both the music and movie projects are on the horizon.

Check Out New Photos From 'Lords of Salem'