We all have an awkward or fond Halloween memory, whether it was as an irresponsible child or an irresponsible adult. But when you're Rob Zombie or Mike Portnoy, things can get a little interesting. Check out what some musicians had to say about Oct. 31, below, via Musician Photo Journal.

Waylon Reavis, from Mushroomhead -- a band who made it on our list on the Top 10 Rock Acts who are ready for Halloween all year round, which you can see, here -- shared his nightmarish childhood around the time of Halloween. “When I was coming up I didn’t get to celebrate it, which is why I’m like this now," he said. "My momma was Jehovas Witness and I had to go to bed early and all my friends messed with me every f-ckin’ night knocking on the window, hey Waylon you can’t get no damn candy” this is what happens when you do that to kids.”

Adrenaline Mob and former Dream Theater stickman Mike Portnoy shared his “weirdest” Halloween memory. “Halloween 2004, I sat in and played a show playing drums for Overkill and I had just come off the road with Dream Theater where I had long hair and a long blue beard and everything and right before the show I shaved my beard, cut all my hair, had a crew cut and completely unrecognizable and totally not metal,” he said.

“Then I get the phone call, like the day before Halloween Overkill needed a drummer for this one gig so I was like alright I’ll do it but I don’t look like Mike Portnoy, so it was almost like I did this gig in a costume as somebody else. Here I am playing just thrashing it up with Overkill, completely clean cut so I almost felt like I should have dressed up as Mike Portnoy for this one gig with Overkill," Portnoy said. “That was a fun Halloween playing with those guys.”

Via to Blabbermouth.net, the horror and Halloween specialist musician / director Rob Zombie shared his thoughts on his favorite treat during this time of year. "Candy corn is my favorite and I usually get very excited when I see it on the shelves, which they usually start laying out the Halloween stuff first week of August," Rob Zombie said. "So pretty much by the second week of August, I never want to see candy corn again, so . . . usually by the time I buy it, I open the bag in the car in the parking lot, on the way home, and by the time I get home I'm disgusted with myself for eating it. The days of gorging on Halloween candy are long gone."

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