Rob Zombie's heart and soul is going into his upcoming film adaptation of the classic '60s TV series The Munsters and fans of the project are starting to see his vision come together thanks to Zombie's continual social media posts. His latest reveals that not only is the 1313 Mockingbird Lane residence exterior nearly complete, but so is the entire Mockingbird Lane neighborhood that the production constructed from scratch in Budapest.

Zombie was chosen to direct the adaptation earlier this year, being a self-professed long time fan of the series that ran between 1964-1966. While the original series utilized an exterior set on the Universal Studios lot, that set piece has been used for many shows since and was remodeled for usage in ABC's Desperate Housewives series. So Zombie is recreating not only the home, but also the neighborhood in Budapest where he will film for the movie.

"What a difference 7 days can make!," stated Zombie in his latest posting that showcases most of the domicile's exterior nearly complete. "1313 is looking good! Lots of work left to do, but it is getting there! Takes a lot of work to build and entire neighborhood."

While Zombie waits for his neighborhood to be complete, he also took time recently to show appreciation for the original series, which recently marked the 57th anniversary of its debut episode on Sept. 24, 1964. Calling it "the greatest show ever," Zombie prompted his followers to discuss their favorite episodes. Among those responding was Nikki Sixx, who stated that the series "fueled my imagination like a zillion other kids and young adults."

In recent months, Zombie has also showcased a look at the costumes and makeup effects for the shoot. No release date has been announced as of yet for the film, but once the sets are constructed, things should start moving forward with casting and filming news more quickly.

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