Rob Zombie has a pretty solid grasp on the music industry at this point, having started with White Zombie and now spending over a decade as a solo artist, so he speaks from a place of knowledge and young rockers would be wise to be taking notes.

The singer tells Spin that attitude and believing your own hype has brought down many a performer over the years. He explains, "I remember when White Zombie got signed to Geffen. That's when all the bands were getting signed to Geffen. There was this one mistake a lot of bands made, and they still make it. You're still some unknown band nobody gives two s---ts about - you just happened to be signed by a label. Bands suddenly copped an attitude, and suddenly they were egotistical and annoying. They thought they were big shots, but they were still nobody."

Zombie says he still recalls walking into the label the first day and looking around the office thinking that nobody there cared if he became a millionaire rocker or not, so attitude goes a long way. He explains, "You've got to go in there, be nice to people, and hopefully they'll become your friends and you'll all work hard and it will happen."

He explains that the entitlement that some bands feel after they get signed ultimately ends up being their downfall, and what success they may have they don't appreciate because they never consider that the end could be around the corner.

Because he learned quickly not to take things for granted, he explains, "I can go onstage and play the same song I've played since the day it was written 20 years ago, but it's still fun to play. Not because of me, but because as soon as you begin the crowd goes crazy. It's like you're playing it again for the first time. It's that way with everything. Every time I start the next movie, it's as exciting as the first time. Every time the band is about to go onstage, you keep that excitement. But I think people lose it, I see it in other bands."