On May 15, bassist Eric Avery revealed that he had left the newly resurrected Nine Inch Nails. Avery, a founding member of Jane's Addiction, recently spent a year on the road with Garbage, leaving the musician "overwhelmed" at the prospect of hitting the road again with Nine Inch Nails. Avery's departure left NIN fans deflated, but thankfully, on Trent Reznor's birthday no less, the Nine Inch Nails mastermind has announced the return of classic member Robin Finck.

Lose a bassist, gain a guitarist? There's no word on whether Finck will play guitar or bass in Nine Inch Nails, but he is shown in the photo above with a guitar in his hand, with multi-instrumentatlist Josh Eustis seemingly holding a bass.

With Finck's return announced only two days after Avery made his exit public, Trent Reznor left almost no time for NIN fans to ponder the future existence of the iconic band. Reznor even tweeted the aformentioned picture of himself jamming with Robin Finck earlier today (May 17).

Nine Inch Nails also tweeted about Finck's return:

As mentioned, you can see multi-instrumentalist Josh Eustis in the background holding a bass. The Puscifer / Telefon Tel Aviv musician was recently announced as a new member of NIN, although his role in the band was not specified. Perhaps Reznor's picture solves the mystery of Eustis' place in Nine Inch Nails, although it's possible that Eustis and fellow multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini could switch off bass and keyboard duties. Finck plays bass as well, so given the multiple talents of the Nine Inch Nails lineup, there's no telling who's playing what instrument at this point.

Stay tuned for more news on Nine Inch Nails' most recent revival. For the full list of Nine Inch Nails 2013 tour dates, click here.