A platinum album is defined by the Recording Industry Association of America as the equivalent of one million albums sold.

Due to advances in technology and the introduction of streaming and digital platforms, these numbers are also taken into consideration toward total album sales. Thus, one physical or digital album sale, 10 "permanent track downloads from the album" and 1,500 "on-demand audio and/or video streams from the album" are all criteria that equal one unit.

There are tons of musicians who've received at least one platinum album award, so we decided to up the standards for the purpose of this gallery. Below are 35 rock and metal artists who have five or more platinum albums in the United States. Therefore, they're some of the best-selling musical artists in the country.

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We've only counted studio albums — so live albums, EPs and compilation albums aren't included. If they were, several of the musicians featured would have significantly higher numbers, so we felt it necessary to make note of our limitations.

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A huge accomplishment!

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