With rain in the forecast, the second day of Rock on the Range 2015 was anything but a washout. Rock and metal fans came out in droves to check out the side stages of this eclectic festival.

The very awesomely sinister Al Jourgensen of Ministry headlined the Ernie Ball Stage for one of the most fervent performances of the entire festival. Jourgensen and fans alike belted out notable tracks “N.W.O.,” Just One Fix” and “Thieves.” With his humorous yet devil may care personality, it’s easy to see why Jourgensen and his crew continue to instill passion within fans.

Swedish metal band In Flames took stage beforehand for a high energy set. They delighted fans with “Everything’s Gone” and “Paralyzed” off of their latest disc Siren Charms. In Flames' very memorable set ended with “Take This Life.” The only complaint fans had was that the set was far too short!

One of the most polarizing bands in music today, BabyMetal made their fans go absolutely crazy. Despite rain coming down during the performance, crowdsurfers were nonstop and the three young ladies had relentless stamina as they performed choreographed moves backed by heavy guitar riffs and rumbling drums.

Alter Bridge / Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti took the stage with his own band as he performed tracks from his highly anticipated, forthcoming sophomore album Cauterize due out this summer on June 9.

The Swedes of Sabaton ripped through their set as they cranked out infectious war tuned “Reisist and Bite,” “To Hell and Back” and of course “Primo Victoria.” The members of Sabaton were all smiles as they dominated the stage for one of the most lively sets of the day.

New Zealand act Like a Storm and Nebraska band Screaming for Silence kicked things off on the Ernie Ball Stage to start the day off right for rock fans.

Ohio natives The Devil Wears Prada served as headliners for the Jagermeister Stage during on the second day of Rock on the Range. They wasted no time as their set went into high gear from the getgo with “Assistant to the Regional Manager.” The crowd sang out to “Sailor’s Prayer”and “Escape” while both the fans and the band lost their s—t to the set ending “Danger: Wildman.”

Even with tooth surgery, Nonpoint frontman Elias Soriano and the rest of the band brought the house down as they performed forceful tunes “Pins and Needles,” “What a Day” and “Bullet With a Name.”

English metal band Saxon have been musically active for nearly 40 years and have 20 studio albums under their belt. With cloudy and rainy weather they fittingly began their set with “Heavy Metal Thunder.” Die-hard fans sang to favorites “Power and Glory” and “Princess of the Night.” Watch out for Saxon as they’re adding to their discography and are gearing up to release a brand new album sometime this year!

The Jagermeister Stage saw some seasoned musicians but it also had its share of up and coming bands earlier in the day. Rap, metal group From Ashes to New performed brand new tracks from their EP Downfall. The band has a busy year of touring ahead of them as they have U.S. dates during the Summer and throughout the Fall.

Musically, melodically and vocally Red Sun Rising are a band to give a listen to and their live performance enriches their sound tenfold. Their new song “The Otherside” is truly infectious and it’s one you’ll have on loop for days. The band’s new album Polyester Zeal drops Aug. 7.

[Writer's Note: Some bands had overlapping set times and unfortunately we were not able to include all of the talented bands in the photo galleries.]

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