Ah, the excesses of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Alcohol and rock have a long history together, creating some of the genre's most infamous moments. After party stories are of legend and we still don't even know a great deal about what went on every night when the bands got off stage. That's not what we're here to talk about though.

This list is going to take you through 10 Rock Stars Drunk On Stage. That's right, they just couldn't wait for the party not even two hours after their set and showed up to work hammered. To say these rock stars were merely half-in-the-bag would be a gross understatement. It's one thing to have a few drinks before going on stage and another to drink your entire tour rider's worth of booze before you've even performed. We've found some videos that capture the moment that these musicians undoubtedly don't remember.

  • Slash

    Guns N' Roses

    Guns N' Roses were one of the hardest partying bands on the circuit back in the day, and with an album called 'Appetite for Destruction,' alcohol was one of the key ingredients to the volatile recipe. The band saw one of the quickest rises to musical world domination ever and they bathed in the excesses of stardom. Here, Slash is clearly sauced as he tells the crowd he needs to change his clothes because his pants because they ripped and his unmentionables were hanging out. In his boxer shorts, he exclaims that he's "not Angus Young here, okay?"

  • Billie Joe Armstrong

    Green Day

    Everyone is probably familiar with Green Day's 2012 performance at the I Heart Radio Music Festival. The band got their set time cut short in order for R&B star Usher to have more time and this did not sit well with mainman Billie Joe Armstrong. He stops the song they're playing, exclaiming that he wants to play a new song because they only have one minute left. He also rants about Justin Bieber and smashes his guitar in protest. The incident was followed by a lengthy stint in rehab by Armstrong, who seems to have turned his life around positively since then.

  • Scott Weiland

    Stone Temple Pilots

    Scott Weiland has a noted history of drug and alcohol abuse. At this Texas show, he opens up with a rant telling the crowd that he stopped doing dope, to which there's an applause. He calms them down, explaining that he started drinking again, to which there's an even greater applause. Slurring his speech, he attributes his alcoholism to the death of his brother and getting divorced from his wife, but vows to start taking care of himself and thinks that Stone Temple Pilots should start playing a lot of shows.

  • Lars Ulrich


    When Metallica hit one of their peaks, they were an unstoppable force on stage, but were sometimes hindered. Yes, this means booze. James Hetfield would notoriously throw cups of beer into the crowd as he carried on with the show, drunk as the dickens. This time, it was Lars Ulrich's turn to front the band. He swapped places with Hetfield and ran around on stage singing the Diamond Head cover 'Am I Evil.' Surprisingly, Lars sounds pretty damn good singing this as he gave the crowd an unforgettable moment.

  • Kurt Cobain


    At a show in Rotterdam in 1991, an incredibly wasted Nirvana took the stage and gradually became more and more intoxicated towards the end of the set. The result was something akin to what any inexperienced local band does at their first show. Kurt Cobain attempts to start 'In Bloom,' but throws his hands up in the air because he has no idea what is going on with the sound. After about a minute and a half, things are sorted out and the band is back in business.

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