Roger Waters, the legendary rocker and former Pink Floyd bassist-vocalist, revealed on Wednesday (Oct. 13) that he had married his fifth wife, Kamilah Chavis, by sharing photos of their recent wedding through his various social media outposts.

"I'm so happy, finally a keeper," Waters said.

See the pics down toward the bottom of this post.

The nuptials occurred at the English musician's New York estate in the town of Bridgehampton, Long Island, according to The Daily Mail. Waters was last married to filmmaker Laurie Durning for nearly four years until they filed for divorce in 2015.

On Facebook, the Pink Floyd icon added a unique caption to each of the eight new wedding photos.

"A very happy man," Waters said of a photo of himself; "A very beautiful bride," he remarked on an image of his wife; "Mr. and Mrs. Chavis-Waters," he observed of the union overall. He included the pair's dog, who he called Sweet Georgia Brown, in a subsequent pic.

Waters revealed that he and Chavis "had been together for a couple of years" in a 2018 interview with the Argentinian outlet Infobae, as translated by The Mail.

He explained, "I met her at one of my concerts a couple of years ago. She worked in transportation. She was driving the car that was taking me. I was in one place for two weeks, and there were many transfers between the hotel and the stadium. My custodian sat in the front with her, and they talked while I stayed in the back. Something about her attracted me."

As for Pink Floyd, their union has effectively been dissolved since they last performed publicly together in 2014. Last week, former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason jokingly compared Waters to Joseph Stalin after Waters' own comments on their band dynamic.

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