The band bares his name, but Rome Ramirez has revealed that the end of his time with Sublime With Rome is in sight. In a new statement, Ramirez revealed that he will be leaving the band at the end of 2024, but not before more performances over the next year allow him to say his farewell.

In a statement, Ramirez reveals that he's been working on new solo music, which is why he'll be leaving in order to further his solo career. His full statement can be read below:

After almost two remarkable decades, I am announcing my departure from Sublime with Rome at the close of 2024. The upcoming performances over the next year will allow us to reflect on countless incredible memories together!

Over the last 2 years I’ve been spending countless hours pouring my soul into my solo music, and the excitement to share these songs with you is building up! I’ve got some really big news that I can’t drop yet. Just wait!

Singing and playing guitar for this iconic band has been a lifetime opportunity and just flat out, absolutely epic. Carrying on the Sublime legacy has been a trust I'll forever cherish.

This is only the beginning…

Sublime With Rome came about in 2010 when the living members of Sublime, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, sought to return to music, with Ramirez being chosen to front their new band. After legalities with the family of Bradley Nowell were sorted out, the group continued under the moniker Sublime With Rome.

In addition to revisiting the original Sublime's classic music, they continued to build a new catalog of material, starting with 2011's Yours Truly album. They've since followed that up with 2015's Sirens and 2019's Blessings, while the singles "Cool and Collected" (featuring Slightly Stoopid) and "All I Need" have been issued earlier this year. They also most recently issued the song "Tangerine Skies," which can be heard below.

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At present, the band is planning 2024 dates with their new drummer, Joe Tomino, in the fold. Stay tuned for more announcements on Sublime With Rome's 2024 plans as well as Rome's solo works.

Sublime With Rome, "Tangerine Skies"

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