Back in 2009, a new version of Sublime began to emerge. Now, Sublime with Rome are making waves through touring and creating original music. We recently caught up with Rome to discuss the band's new Sirens album, how the band preserves the legacy of the original Sublime and much more!

Thirteen years after the death of legendary frontman Bradley Nowell, Sublime bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh reunited under the Sublime name with then-20-year-old Rome Ramirez on guitar and vocals. After some legal troubles, the trio adopted the name Sublime With Rome to continue playing the band's timeless music. Bud Gaugh left the group shortly after recording Sublime with Rome's first original LP in 2011, but after recruiting immensely talented drummer Josh Freese the next year, Sublime With Rome kept things moving.

Today, Rome Ramirez has put in his time and has been embraced by Sublime fans, though Rome still finds it very important to preserve the legacy of Bradley Nowell and his life's work. Along with this, Rome spoke to us about the band's second full-length, Sirens, which hones less of a reggae-rock feel and instead returns to Sublime's original punk roots.

Rome also goes into detail about recording a cover of Fishbone's "Skankin,'" what Josh Freese brought to Sirens and how the band became its own creative force rather than simply a tribute act.

Watch our exclusive interview with Rome Ramirez in the video above! Sirens is now available for fans to buy, so to snag a copy of the record, click here. Sublime with Rome are also currently on the road for a comprehensive North American tour, so be sure to grab tickets!