We've got a treat for you today, as Jae Sims and Josh Gruss from Rubikon recently dropped by the Loudwire offices to perform an acoustic mini-set that we're bringing to you right here.

The band is currently promoting their latest album, aptly titled The Record, which marks their first release in four years. Jae and Josh were kind enough to share a trio of songs from their new release, giving us a bit of a stripped back version of what you'll hear live.

First up in the session is one of the album's key tracks, "Devil's Footsteps," which Jae tells us is a track about the "loss of innocence." Not only does the upbeat track give Sims a chance to break out his powerful pipes, but midway into the performance he and Gruss do some killer harmonizing.

If you've had rock radio on recently, you'll likely recognize the second song, Rubikon's current single "Blood on My Hands." The bluesy rocker shows the grittier side of Sims' vocal with the singer really digging deep. Gruss gets a little spotlight, too, picking his way through the lead of the track midway in.

The third song, "Lost September," is also a standout. Gruss left the meaning of the track vague, but did reveal that the song was inspired by the late music great Tom Petty. See if you can pick out the influence.

Rubikon, which are normally rounded out by guitarist Dave Raymond, bassist Hugh Eaton and drummer Doug Arsham, just released The Record album Sept. 20 via Round Hill Records. The disc was recorded live in Nashville. Stay up to date on touring and all things Rubikon here.

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