If you want to play bass for Fear Factory, you might want to check the list of rules the band has asked for in revealing their search for a fill-in for bassist Tony Campos.

It seems the band is on the hunt for a fill-in as Campos has been pulling double duty, also playing bass for the group he co-founded, Static-X. But before you can be welcomed into the fold, Fear Factory have offered some specifics in what they are looking for with their fill in musician.

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The 12-entry list of qualifications will help to weed out the pool of entries, with a big qualifier to start off the list - Plays With a Pick (no fingers). The pick or no pick approach is a big one amongst bassists that would likely cut down a significant portion of those interested, but in this case Fear Factory have a definite preference.

When one person in the comments humorously suggested, "So you don't need a bass player, but a guitarist who accidentally got pushed a bass in his hands," the band responded, "That would be rad."

Touring Essentials

Several of the items on this list are very specific essentials that would seem like no-brainers. Items 2 and 3 are having prior touring experience and an up to date passport, which would seem essential for a band that tours internationally. Item 10 also falls in this category, with the band stating a preference for musicians residing in the U.S.

Instrument + Playing Specific

Item 8 on the list has the band seeking someone who plays a 5-string bass. That's followed by Item 9 in which they make it known that in-ear monitors are required for the click track. In item 11 is one of the most crucial elements of winning the job, submitting a performance video for the song "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine."

Can You Hang?

You may be a tremendous talent, but are you able to hang with the gang? Certain items on this list speak more to the person you may be and how you'll relate to the group.

Items 4 and 5 seem to go together with the band seeking someone without a criminal record and who does not engage in hard drugs. They also humorously add in Item 6 that the fill-in bassist should not be "an alcoholic, but must be able to walk a straight line after a bottle of tequila (cause Tony can do it)."

They also cite in Item 7 that their eventual bassist should "play well with others," later noting in Item 12 "Ego is not your amigo."

The group asks that after seeing these rules, only serious inquiries should apply. Check out the full post below.

When Are Fear Factory Touring?

The band is currently out on the road in Australia, finishing up their current run on March 21 in Auckland, New Zealand. They also have appearances at Sick New World and Welcome to Rockville this spring, before ramping up the touring in Europe this June.

At present, it looks like there's a conflict between Fear Factory and Static-X for Campos' services on the Welcome to Rockville date. While Static-X have yet to announce shows beyond May, it is possible that there would be overlapping tour opportunities this summer.

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