Forget about hiding yo kids and hiding yo wives... hide the rum! South Carolina's Rumahoy, the self-described "World's Best True Scottish Pirate Metal Band," have raised the flags with Loudwire to bring you the video game-themed clip for "Quest for Heritage" off their newly-released The Triumph of Piracy debut.

If you're the type that needs your metal to be serious, you can walk the plank and feed the fishes, matey. Rumahoy are about good times and, when necessary, deadly combat in close quarters. Swords clash, guns fire and blood sprays in this first-person video while epic, seafaring melodies drive the saga and Captain Yarrface's gritty snarl brings the "Quest for Heritage" to life... and he manages to rhyme "rum" with "rum." What a scallywag!

The video looks like it was a (cannon) blast to make, even displaying health status bars and onscreen text to indicate advancements in the quest. Rumahoy's dastardly frontman exclaimed, "AHOY! Captain Yarrface here, welcome to the sea! Come with us on a quest for heritage, drink some rum and fire your gun! Bang bang bang bang bang!"

If you landlubbers like what you hear, you can plunder Napalm Records' treasure trove and grab your copy of The Triumph of Piracy before someone else steals the booty. Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook too.

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