Swedish power metal veterans and war aficionados Sabaton have been providing comprehensive history lessons through their music for over a decade. The Last Stand will serve as their eighth studio effort, arriving Aug. 19 through Nuclear Blast, and things just got a little more exciting as Sabaton have released a lyric video for the new single "The Lost Battalion" along with the track listing for the record.

Known for heroic, anthemic and epic songs describing specific war events, Sabaton kick off "The Lost Battalion" in grandiose fashion. Sweeping choirs open the track, giving an early taste of the chorus before getting into more plodding and darkly atmospheric territory. Accented leads complement the decisive vocal delivery during the verse, building back up to the triumphant refrain.

Speaking in depth about the track, the band provided the background for the lyrics, stating, "'The Lost Battalion' is the name given to nine companies of the United States' 77th Division during the battle of the Argonne in 1918. Even though these 550-575 brave men were completely surrounded by the German Army and subjected to friendly artillery fire, they kept on fighting for a week until they were relieved. Of the over 500-plus soldiers who entered the Argonne Forest, only 194 walked out unscathed. The rest were killed, missing, captured or wounded."

The Last Stand will be packaged in a variety of options including CD, double LP, CD + DVD Digipak and digital. All physical options can be explored here and the digital version here. Keep up with the Sabaton's touring activities on their Facebook page.

Sabaton, The Last Stand Track Listing

01. "Sparta"
02. "Last Dying Breath"
03. "Blood of Bannockburn"
04. "Diary of an Unknown Soldier"
05. "The Lost Battalion"
06. "Rorke's Drift"
07. "The Last Stand"
08. "Hill 3234"
09. "Shiroyama"
10. "Winged Hussars"
11. "The Last Battle"
Bonus (Only available in Digipak):
12. "Camouflage"
13. "All Guns Blazing"

DVD - Live at Stereolux, Nantes France
01. "Intro (The March to War)"
02. "Ghost Division"
03. "Far From the Fame"
04. "Uprising"
05. "Midway"
06. "Gott Mit Uns"
07. "Resist and Bite"
08. "Wolfpack"
09. "Dominium Maris Baltici"
10. "Carolus Rex"
11. "Swedish Pagans"
12. "Soldier of 3 Armies"
13. "Attero Dominatus"
14. "The Art of War"
15. "Wind of Change"
16. "To Hell and Back"
17. "Night Witches"
18. "Primo Victoria"
19. "Metal Crüe"

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