For The Great War, Sabaton embraced a concept, placing their historical lens squarely over stories inspired by World War I. This means the new single, "Bismarck," won't be on the record, but they teamed up with the World of Warships online video game to debut the stunning music video which recalls the tale of the German battleship.

The Swedish power metal battalion said that the story of the Bismarck was "the most requested topic for a Sabaton song ever." Cutting between shots of the group performing on the battlecruiser are cinematic moments of the narrative, with the Bismarck ship displayed in 3D detail thanks to the video game.

"The fate of the ship Bismarck is a fascinating story we wanted to write about for a long time, but could not fit into any album," Sabaton said. "So we decided to make it as a single release, and as a gift from us to you for being fantastic fans for the past 20 years."

"One of the areas where World of Warships shines is the detailed 3D models of warships, from paper projects to iconic historical legends," begins the description of the video on the game's YouTube channel. "We take pride in this quality and have in the past lent the fruit of our work to others for artistic or educational purposes. Our friends, Sabaton, have recently recorded a track that tells the story of one such naval icon and it all came together – they had awesome power metal, we had detailed 3D models of all the ships and we all wanted to tell the same story. We hope you enjoy the result!"

The Great War comes out on July 19 through Nuclear Blast. Pre-order your copy of the album here and watch the music video for "Bismarck" below.

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