Extreme metal fiends, we’ve got a new band for you — Self Deconstruction. Along with peddling some of the most violent grind you’ll hear today, the band’s guitarist, Kuzuha, crushes her breakneck parts in a doll’s dress while wielding a pink B.C. Rich Warlock guitar.

Self Deconstruction hail from Tokyo, Japan and have released two full-length albums of “freestyle power violence.” They even performed a special “collaboration gig” with Merzbow at Obscene Extreme Asia in 2015. Self Deconstruction’s audio recordings are definitely worth checking out, but the real experience comes with seeing them live.

The grinders are driven by the one-two assault of Kuzuha and vocalist Kubine. The two women dominate the stage with a fierce energy most hyper-technical bands are unable to deliver, but Kuzuha is a spellbinding performer and player. Completely locked in with drummer Jiro, Kuzuha’s precision is masterful even when she’s bouncing around, throwing kicks or banging her head off her shoulders.

The dress and pink guitar is just icing on the cake. Her Warlock guitar even sports multicolored kiddie numbers on the frets, completing Kuzuha’s supremely antithetical look for a brutal grind guitarist. It’s this fan-shot footage from 2016 that drew us into the gospel of Self Deconstruction, so check it out in the player above.

You can also grab Self Deconstruction’s second album, Wounds, on their Bandcamp page.

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