Finnish hard rockers Santa Cruz are ready to share a bloody good time with viewers in the form of their 'We Are the Ones to Fall' video and we've got the worldwire premiere on Loudwire!

The clip, directed by Ville Juurikkala, finds the band members performing in a dark alley way and all seems fine until a fight breaks out. The end result is some bloody goodness that leaves each of the members brutally pummeled and an odd placement for one of the member's instrument of choice.

'We Are the Ones to Fall' is definitely a full-on rocker, filled with aggressive guitar and showcasing frontman Archie Kuosmanen's range. The clip is also notable for Juurikala's visual take, which makes great use of slow motion shots to capture the impact of the fight as well as rapid movement flip book-style stop-motion shots that leave the viewer a little punch-drunk as well.

Kuosmanen tells Loudwire exclusively, "When we started thinking about the video for 'We Are the Ones to Fall,' we knew it needed something really graphic and something that would fit the pumped up feel of the song. An idea came to my head of doing our own little version of David Fincher's classic film, 'Fight Club.' Then we called the amazing Finnish director Ville Juurikkala and set up a meeting! We talked for hours and brought the basic idea to the level of us four just playing and then start beating the crap out of each other! We found an amazing team with highly skilled make-up artists, fighting experts and lightning specialists, plus a perfect location for the shoot in Helsinki, Finland. I think we created an amazing video for a kick-ass song & we can´t wait for all of America to see it!"

The group arrived on the scene with their 2013 release, 'Screaming for Adrenaline,' and began to garner some respect. Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho was among their early supporters, stating, "Never mind that they are young, ‘cuz the matter of the fact is, that Santa Cruz definitely sticks out from all these retro hair metal bands running around nowadays. Not only do they have the attitude and the looks, but most importantly they sure as hell know how to play and the songs along with the awesome guitar playing pretty much makes me wanna bang my head in two pieces when I see them play live. And after all that’s what it’s all about. End of f---ing story!!!”

Get ready to hear more from Santa Cruz as 'We Are the Ones to Fall' is just the beginning of a bright future.


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