Savage After Midnight are ready to unveil their latest creation, exclusively premiering their new video for "Heartless Machine" right here at Loudwire and providing you with a look behind-the-scenes of the shoot.

The video treatment was written by the band's John Falls and director Blake Heimbach, serving up a bit of live action and animation to help tell the story. The clip also serves as a precursor to the band's upcoming Savage After Midnight comic book and animated series titled The Savages. Following on the heels of the group's "10 Feet Tall" video, "Heartless Machine" continues to unravel pieces of the story and characters featured.

Falls says, “I think the most memorable thing for me on set was the courage and heart that Maggie (The actress playing the character of Petra, the female lead in the video) showed throughout the whole shoot was incredible. It was freezing cold in the warehouse we shot at just outside of Memphis - even with the heaters on full blast. Maggie was totally nude the entire time, and had to endure laying on a freezing metal table inside of a body bag, to being dunked over and over in a frozen glue-like substance … She never complained or gave in. Even when director Blake Heimbach insisted, she take a break, she just gutted it out. She is a warrior and it allowed us to accomplish things that I don’t believe we would have without her selfless inspiring efforts. It really helped bring life to the storyline and to the set Blake and I built – it made everything really come to life."

Savage After Midnight's Jeremiah Lipscomb adds, “This is the song on the record that means the most to the band. This was the last song we wrote for the record; It also happens to be the most emotional song for all of us. When we wrote this song, we all felt as if we were being pulled in every direction possible. A lot of people outside the band wanted to put their two cents in and tell us that our direction, images, ideas, etc., we as a band were portraying were incorrect and we should try it 'their' way. We chased those opinions for a long time, but finally got fed up… The band decided to take a stand and write a song that came from our raw emotions and was a 'true-to-self' representation of where we were not only as artists together in OUR band, but also as individuals. We refuse to be 'Heartless Machines.' Our producer John Falls helped us put together the vision for the video, under the direction of Blake Heimbach from Hotkeys Studios in Memphis. We shot a lot of the footage in the Wholesalers Plus warehouse just outside of Memphis, and Howard Russell put together the animation sequences. We think the video captures the essence of the song and what we were trying to accomplish. We hope you like it."

Savage After Midnight's debut EP, 11:59, is out now. Head here to find it via the platform of your choosing. You can check out the "Heartless Machines" video as well as a photo gallery from the shoot below.

Savage After Midnight, "Heartless Machine"

RED / Sony
RED / Sony

Savage After Midnight, "Heartless Machine" Video Shoot Gallery

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