Scott Stapp has seen his fair share of hard times in life, coming out the other end maintaining a positive outlook. It's part of what inspired his latest single, "Survivor," which now comes across as a perfect anthem during the current coronavirus coverage. Stapp is premiering the lyric video for the track right here at Loudwire.

Stapp says of the track, “‘Survivor’ is about a mindset when facing a challenge or adversity. Believing you will overcome and affirming you are a survivor, even in the midst of crisis. Positive affirmation, self-realization, speaking and believing things into reality. Having a survivor mindset during a crisis helps give you strength to keep fighting, enduring, maintaining courage and continuing to do what you have to do to make it to the other side, to overcome, to win, to survive.”

The video itself features a mixture of famous imagery, such as African American Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists to the sky during the 1968 medal ceremony in Mexico City, as well as other notable forms of protest and imagery of those who have exemplified great bravery in overcoming personal tragedy and health issues. Stapp himself is even featured in the clip in a storm of shattered glass. The video reaches its peak as a masked citizen appears with the definition for survivor -- "remains alive or lives through an affliction."

“To me, all survivors are heroes," says Stapp. "If you’re working each day to overcome through the sheer force of faith, will, and strength, then you’re a hero. A survivor.”

"Survivor" is featured on Stapp's latest album, The Space Between the Shadows, which is available now at this location.

Scott Stapp, "Survivor"

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