Scott Stapp wrote "World I Used to Know" in 2018, included it on his 2019 album The Space Between the Shadows, but has found the perfect place to release a visual companion for the track on National Voter Registration Day.

The new call-to-action lyric video for the song is filled with striking imagery, as it opens with "Uncle Sam" pointing at the screen while a TV with "lies" scrawled across it is also in view with a growing cloud of smoke covering the screen. Words such as "corruption," "power," "greed," "war," "hatred" and "betrayal" also flash across the screen sharing a current disillusion with the political system.

“Two years ago when I wrote this song, I never could have imagined it would hit home so hard and on point for all of us in 2020. It was always the plan to put this out, guess the universe decided the time is now.," said Stapp in the video's description.

The singer adds, “We’re all wondering what’s next and hoping we can quickly get back to the world we knew just seven months ago. As we mask up and maintain distance, it’s more important than ever to use your voice constructively. Your vote is your voice.”

To learn more about how to register to vote, be sure to check out the National Voter Registration Day site right here.

Stapp's current album, The Space Between the Shadows, is available via the platform of your choosing here. Stay up to date with the singer's touring at this location.

Scott Stapp, "World I Used to Know"

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