Scott Weiland's issues with drugs have been well documented over the years, but despite recent bizarre appearances and testimony from musicians close to him, Scott maintains he has not used drugs in 13 years.

Full Metal Jackie recently scored an interview with Scott Weiland at the Welcome to Rockville Festival, and the Loudwire Nights host spoke with the singer about a bunch of topics. After asking Scott about his new Blaster album with the Wildabouts and if his career has been more about the journey than the destination, Jackie went on to question Weiland about misconceptions that bother the singer. Weiland claimed that he gets bugged over rumors of his drug use, adding that he hasn't touched the stuff in 13 years.

Scott Weiland also mentions Filter frontman Richard Patrick, who was extremely candid about Weiland's alleged drug use earlier this year. “[The fans are] just sticking up for Scott, and they have no idea of [what is going on] behind the scenes," Patrick said. "And it’s actually … they’re pushing him into his death, because they’re making him believe that, ‘Whatever I did is acceptable, and I can be as high as I want and I can do as much drugs as I want.’”

Questions about Weiland's drug habit were also raised after an April gig, where Scott looked extremely zoned out while delivering a bizarre and monotone performance of Stone Temple Pilots' "Vasoline." Weiland's rep would later blame the performance on a lack of sleep, a couple of drinks and a faulty earpiece.

Check out Full Metal Jackie's exclusive interview with Scott Weiland in the clip above.

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