Screaming At Demons, the band led by former Sick Puppies vocalist Shim Moore with guitarist Russell Ali and bassist Chris Clemence, are making strides toward completing their first album and they just landed some big time support in doing so. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith recently dropped by the studio and laid down some drums for the band's next single.

The group recently released the single and video for "Rockstar" to coincide with the promotion of the Homeless Rock Stars campaign, which takes members of the homeless community, gives them a rock and roll makeover, photo shoot and interview and in some cases has assisted in finding them work. The release of the single, the first new music from the band, was tied to fans donating to the campaign in return for a download of the song.

Moore recently told us that the band is still fairly fresh, with the Homeless Rock Stars theme song "Rockstar" really pushing forward the time frame for new music. "Well I think we’re only just starting to crack the direction musically since Chris [Clemence] joined only recently, but the way that it sort of got started was really the Homeless Rock Stars song and video and everything. That sort of hit the gas for the band," said Moore. "When you’re sort of writing songs for an album, you can sort of take your time and you don’t have a record label. We’re sort of our own record label at the moment and there’s no deadline. But when Nigel Skeet [the creator of the Homeless Rock Stars project] called me and said, 'Can you write this song?,' and then we had a video all of a sudden cause I went up and shot video, then it was like, 'Okay, let’s put it out' and then these deadlines start to happen. So that sort of became how we started to drop this thing."

Moore added, "The first song is a really good beginning to the band, but it’s not the full sound of the band. It’s the first step in the history of the band and what we’re working on now is the next two songs and they’re gonna be gradually released after 'Rockstar' is out there. That’s gonna help define the sound. We’re still playing around with it a little bit, but it’s definitely gonna be a big, big sound."

As for Smith's guest turn, it's yet to be revealed what song it will be for, but the overjoyed rockers were certainly thrilled to have the musician behind the kit. "So honored to have Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers play on our new record," state the band in one Facebook posting, while guitarist Chris Clemence offered, "I think we found our drummer for Screaming At Demons! Thanks Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers for playing on our new record!" Both posts can be seen below.

Smith, meanwhile, tweeted about the experience, recording drums in the rather "big sounding" NRG studio. Check out his tweet with a photo below:

During our recent chat with Screaming At Demons, bassist Chris Clemence revealed that the band is not approaching things from the traditional album release format. He explained, "Right now we’re focusing on singles. Right now we have 'Rockstar' coming out as our first single and then we have a couple of other singles lined up that will hopefully lead up to an EP, but right now the band is just focusing on songs and putting out a song at a time."

Watch the "Rockstar" video below and read our full interview by clicking on the red button at the bottom of this post.

Screaming At Demons, "Rockstar"